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What are the advantages of the Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine?

Oct 18, 2018

In response to some problems encountered in the drawing process, a more advanced equipment, a Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine, was gradually developed. After the wire is wound a few times on the previous reel, it directly enters the next drawing die and is wound on the next reel without passing any of the passing guide rollers. The wire between the two reels is linear.


It can be seen that during the operation of the Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine, it also adopts DC drag, and automatically adjusts the intermediate roll speed to maintain the machine extension coefficient and the actual extension coefficient of the steel wire, that is, the automatic adjustment reaches the positive of the machine. The operating point machine compression ratio is equal to the process compression ratio.


In general, the application advantages of the Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine are: the threading operation is simple and quick, and the steel wire has no twist and small radius bending during the drawing process. However, this model is not suitable for drawing thin steel wires, and the cooling effect is poor due to the short residence time of the steel wire on the reel. Moreover, the scope of use of the machine is limited, and it needs to be reasonably selected according to actual conditions.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/