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Pre-processing of copper wire drawing machine

Oct 15, 2018

The copper wire drawing machine is a pre-processing equipment for the production of metal parts such as standard parts. Its main function is to pull the wire or bar of the metal product manufacturing enterprise, which is produced and transported by the steel manufacturer to standard parts, through the drawing machine. The treatment makes the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightness of the wire or bar reach the raw material processing requirements required for the production of metal parts such as standard parts.


In general, the performance of copper wire drawingmachine is often directly related to the pretreatment quality of standard parts and metal products. At present, the wire drawing machine belongs to the metal wire drawing machine of the metal products equipment industry, and is widely used in the production and pre-processing of metal products such as steel wire, rope, prestressed steel wire and standard parts.


When using a copper wire drawing machine, firstly, the diameter of the wire should be combined with the size of the wire to configure the drawing solution for the lubricating solution. In actual production, according to the diameter of the wire, the mold of the mold is adjusted appropriately to achieve the wire diameter required by the user.