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Z94C series High speed ,low noise nail making machine usually used to make normal nail,concrete nail,steeless nail,D shape and T shape nail.This type equipment is consist of lubricating systerm and driving systerm.The driving systerm include wire feeding,wire clamping ,wire cutting and stamping.

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Nail making proces Basic Info

Product Description

ZF-08 Nail-making machine, it can straighten, cut, nob & cut tip for wires as a whole process reliably, continuously and automatically. It can also complete each technical process individually.

No.  ItemUnitParameter
1Feed diametermm?2-?5
2Feed lengthmm150~350
3Feed piecespcs/min90~130
4Nob /cut tip piecespcs/min90
5Electromotor Power  
Nob/cut tipKW3
6Dimension(length*width* height)mm  1580*1400*1430


Wire-Rod → Wires-Drawing → Nail-Making → Polishing → Packing → Delivery

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1) High Speed

2) Low Noise

3) Less Impact

4) Good Continuity

5) Main components are made of quality steel, such as shaft, cams and gear.

6) It adopts plunger and oil pipe lubricating structure.

7) It can make the high quality of asphalt felt nails and other special nails used for high speed coil nail welder and coil nailers.

 Nail making machine packing and shipment

First step: wire drawing machine is used to draw the wire to the fine dia we need.

we also make all kinds of pulley wire drawing machine 

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