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Basic structure design description of Water tank wire drawing machine

Oct 22, 2018

From the mechanical structure, the Water tank wire drawing machine as a whole can be divided into a wire drawing portion and a wire take-up portion. From the perspective of electrical control, it can be decomposed into the constant tension synchronous control of the brushed stepless speed control and coiling. Through the position change of the tension pendulum, the feedback control system is automatically calculated to maintain the running speed of the coiling motor. The tension is constant.


Of course, this is actually an indirect tension control method. This is because the fine adjustment of the machine is performed on the actual position of the country's dancer roller, rather than directly performing the tension calculation, and the position and tension satisfy a certain functional relationship, so The control of the actual position of the dancer roller can also realize the requirements of the constant tension control of the Water tank wire drawing machine.


In addition, when designing the structure of the water tank wire drawing machine, it is necessary to match the corresponding wire guide wheel motor, and the finished wire can be evenly wound on the take-up spool according to the different winding speed. To achieve the stretching of metal materials.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/