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System control of Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Oct 27, 2018

Control of the straight-through wire drawing machine is difficult in different drawing devices. This is because the machine stretches the wire at the same time through multiple motors, and the work efficiency is high. At the same time, the straight-through wire drawing machine has high requirements for the synchronism of the motor and the rapid response of the dynamic response.


Therefore, in the process of drawing a stainless steel material by using a straight-through wire drawing machine, since the characteristics of the stainless steel material are relatively brittle, the toughness like a high carbon steel wire or a steel cord is lacking, and it is relatively easy to break during the operation. In order to improve the drawing quality, multiple inverters are arranged in the equipment system. The electrical configuration of the system is a looper, installed in the first stage, the main function is to draw the rolled stainless steel wire to the wire drawing part.


In general, the system logic control of the straight-through wire drawing machine is quite complicated, because there are various linkage relationships among them, which are realized by PLC. Synchronization control can be implemented internally using the drive without relying on external control.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/