Welding Wire Drawing Machine/zinc Alloy Wire Drawing Machine

Model: 24DT/A Fine wire drawing machine with continuous annealing A. Main components machine: 1.24DT/A wire drawing machine 1 set 2.Electrical cabinet 1 set 3.Pay-off 1 set 4.Cart 1 set 5.Steam generator 1 set 6.User's manual(specification, instruction, machine structure drawing, die...

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Model: 24DT/A Fine wire drawing machine with continuous annealing

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A. Main components machine

1.24DT/A wire drawing machine  1 set

2.Electrical cabinet           1 set

3.Pay-off                      1 set

4.Cart                         1 set

5.Steam generator              1 set

6.User's manual(specification, instruction, machine structure drawing, die arrangement, foundation drawing, fault resolution, maintain-ance, consumables drawing, electrical drawing, frequency instruction)                   1 set

7.Spare parts   


B. Main technique parameter

1. Usage: Bare copper

2. Inlet diameter: Ф2.0mm-Ф0.8mm

3. Outlet diameter:  Ф0.60mm-Ф0.20mm

4. Maximum drawing speed: 2000MPM/MAX

6.  Dies

Number: 24 dies (Customer self provided)  Ф25mm*8—12mmT

No. 1 is independent; No.2~23 are made of cast iron

Pedestal can be adjusted according to the capstan

7. Mechanism surface reduce rate:

From No.1 to No.23         13%

No.22          8% 

8. Drawing method:  4 spools horizontal arrangement;

9. Motor: Drive motor 30HP(22KW) AC frequency converter control

Spooling motor 7.5HP(5.5KW)AC frequency converter control

10. Annealing voltage: D.C. 60V

11. Annealing ampere: D.C. 600A/MAX

12. Annealing power: 36KVA

13. Annealing method: D.C. three-section annealing

14. Frame: Welded by steel plate

15. Transmission: All transmission by timing belts;

16. Capstan: Tungsten coated; four 10-tier capstans; one single tier capstan for final drawing, with extra keyslot

17. Lubrication system: Spray type; lubrication oil 40 liter/min (without water pump & tank); independent lubrication pipe for No.1 &No.24 Die

18. Spool dimension: Outer diameter Ф300mm; (according to customer’s requirements)

Outer diameter

Inner diameter

Outer wide

Inner wide

Bore diameter






19. Capacity for spool receiving: 50-60KG

20. Spooling control method: Weight balance by swing arm; automatically revise spooling tension

21. Bobbin loading & unloading type: single bobbin fixed with screw (with loading &unloading cart)

22. Traversing unit: 

Traversing system: 110W synchronizing motor traversing; slide-rail bearing

Traversing width: 270mm/Max

23. Brake: 20 KG-M magnetic brake 

24. Protection cover: Grille for transmission area; Stainless steel plate for drawing area;

 Sealed cover with 3 inspection windows for spooling area.

25. Electric parts: Electric control parts made in China and Taiwan or overseas, top-class brand;

26. Power source: Three-phase 415V 50HZ(made according to customer’s requirements)

27. Electric control cabinet: 1000L*800W*2000H(mm)

28. Machine Dimension: 3500L*1600W*1700H (mm)

29. Net weight: 3000KG;

C.  Spare parts list

1. The tool to disassemble capstan                   1 set

2. Quakeproof cushion                                4 sets

3. Special wrench                                    1 set

4. Weight adjuster                                   1 set

5. Porcelain hole                                    3 sets

7. Pulley                                            1 unit

8. Carbon brush                                      6 sets

9. Sealing strip                                     1 unit

10. Fuse                                             3 sets

11. Nickel belt

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