Good mobility Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine

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Wire drawing lines product detail

Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine   Basic Info

Pulley OTO TypeDry Wire Drawing Machine

Wire drawing lines main technique parameter

power controlalternating current variable frequency motor controlling
diameter of roller(mm)560450
times of drawing11131113
wire diameter input(mm)
wire diameter output(mm)
average reducing rate17.88%16.60%15%16.51%
total reducing rate88.54%90.53%84%90.42%
drawing speed(m/min)250250260280
power of motor(kw)13075
weight of machine(kg)110009500
diamension of machine(mm)L*W*H5800x3500x18405780x3300x1640

Wet type wire drawing machine

mainly used on carbon steel wires, alloy steel wire, stainless steel wires processing, most welcome by steel wire rope plant,electric welding rod plant, wire net weaving plant, tubular pile plants, spring wire plant, tire wires plant, process many kinds steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire and so on.

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