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Various parameters that need to be input when the inverted wire drawing machine is commissioned

Oct 29, 2018

During the debugging of the inverted wire drawing machine, it is necessary to set various working parameters reasonably. When debugging the parameters on the touch screen, it usually includes various parameters about the machine, such as the diameter of the roll of the above pass, the reduction ratio, the compression ratio, the proportional constant, the integral constant, etc., all of which are input on the touch screen. .


The second is to pay attention to the parameter settings of the inverter configured for the inverted wire drawing machine. The frequency converter is usually applied to the speed regulation of three-phase asynchronous motor, power supply-inverter-motor-load, which is the speed regulation process of the frequency converter. The basic components of the frequency converter are rectifier, inverter, intermediate DC link and control circuit. It consists of four parts.


It should be noted that the inverter configured by the inverted wire drawing machine will affect its performance to some extent. The DP card is installed on the inverter. The card is connected to the network cable and set the address to control the motor of each pass. In short, regarding the application of the inverted wire drawing machine, it is necessary to input various parameters required in advance.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/