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Copper drawing machine use, characteristics and composition

Oct 30, 2018

From the practical point of view, we can use copper drawing machine  to draw various specifications of flat wire, fan wire and tram wire. The main drive of the machine adopts the combination of frequency conversion speed regulation and hard tooth surface reducer, which starts without impact and has wide speed regulation range. The flattening machine and the drawing main machine adopt advanced linkage speed regulating device, which greatly improves the operability of the whole drawing unit.


At the same time, in the processing of the copper drawing machine , the finished wire with good surface quality can be obtained, because the wire drum dividing wheel device is specially arranged. For the user, the machine also has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency. Because the unit adopts the variable frequency speed control system, it can save 10-30% compared with the traditional sliding type drawing unit. The line improves the efficiency by about 60%.


Under normal circumstances, the main structural components of the copper drawing machine  include: pay-off device, active flattening machine, tension controller, drawing host, receiving and discharging line, rolling head punching machine / rolling head machine.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/