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Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine operating characteristics and control methods

Nov 05, 2018

When the system is configured, the wire feeding device is specially controlled by programmable frequency conversion, so that the stability of the linear wire drawing machine is extremely high, and at the same time, multiple safety protection devices are designed for the safe production of the device, so that the device It can run more stably and is safer and more reliable. In actual production, the wire feeding process is fully automatic and requires no manual operation.


In the process of operating the  Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine, the cutting mechanism is configured to be the same as the wire feeder, the transmission is controlled by hydraulic pressure, the operation is simple and flexible, the cutting process is fully automated, and the cutting effect is excellent.


The control of the  Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine adopts the safe operation mode, so it can stop immediately for emergency stop, disordered wire, broken wire and electrical faults. The brake system is safe and reliable, and the operation is simple and flexible. Moreover, the humanized design makes the whole line operation process more convenient and reliable. The main electrical components and hydraulic parts in the system are strictly selected high quality products to ensure the stable operation of the system.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/