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Product Details

 Electric copper wire drawing machine

Pulley OTO TypeDry Wire Drawing Machine

Product introduction
 Electric copper wire drawing machine provides better drawability, lower frictional contact and less operator interference.

Low work hardening rate
During the manufacturing process, technologies such as no bending, no torsion technologies and strong cooling technologies are adopted in the machine to make the wire has a low work hardening rate and excellent toughness and ductility.
High efficiency and low consumption
The straight wire drawing machine is famous for its high efficiency and low cost. When it is applied, it will bring huge cost-reduction as a result of its low power consumption, high percent of pass and yield rate.

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Technical parameter

Drawing materialPure Copper rodEye die diameter45*25mm ( Provided by the user)
Drawing die no.9nMax. drawing speed700 m/min
Fixed Wheel Diameter450mmDrawing speed500 m/min
Drum wheel diameter400mmProduction capacity of producting 3mm wire2500KG/H
Inlet-wire diameter8mmEquipped motor power160KW
Minimum outlet wire size3.0-2.6mmAdjustment methodFrequency control

Technical parameter of FX-800 inverted taken-up machine

Taken-up drum wheel diameter800mm
Wire diameter3.0mm - 2.2mm
Max. taken-up speed12m/s
Wire cyclinder size1050*600*1800mm
Motor of taken up machine18.5KW
Adjustment methodCoil changing machine
Frequency control
Max. taken-up weightCopper wire 1500-2000KG per set

Package & Delivery
Package: Wrapping film pacage in container (or as customer's requirement)
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