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High Carbon Steel Wire Machine, Spring Wire Drawing Machine, Wire Rope Machinery manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Lz400 Dry Wire Drawing Machine, High Precision Sapphire Optical Windows, Sapphire Round Windows, Square Windows and so on.

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Should you're in need of quality and stable lz400 dry wire drawing machine made in China, welcome to buy the machine from our factory. We are one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with advanced equipment and technology. Welcome to contact us.

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Dry drawing machine description

Capstan angle and coating are optimized for different product such as steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and other products. "Narrow Gap" water cooling principle with rust-resistant inner jacket is utilized. Rotating soapbox, soap stirrer, single or pressure dies, temperature detection, large soap container with pressure rollers, dust collection... can be the options.
BSMT provides the competitive DD machines of low investment & maintenance cost, ergonomic and safety. CE certification can be applied if necessary. Easy access for maintenance purposes e.g. exchanging motor & capstan, recalibrating belt tension is integrated. No ground works required.
Suitable for drawing 0.15 ~ 20 mm metal wire. Including medicine wire welding wire, gas shielded welding wire, aluminum wire, prestressed steel wire, steel wire rope, spring wire, stainless steel wire, cord, steel wire, double wire, and so on.

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  1. Capstan coating: manganese steel or Tungsten carbide coating;
    The capstan design permits perfect contact with the wire.
    "Narrow Gap" cooling principle with rust-resistant inner jacket.
    High capstans for large cooling surface
    Equipped with ring cast.
    Narrow Gap
    2. cooling
    Cooling of capstans and drawing dies:
    Separate cooling water lines for capstans and dies;
    3. Synchronisation:
    Dancer wheels or rollers with air cylinder;
    4. Soap boxes
    For single dies or for pressure dies;
    The first soapbox fitted with a large soap container with pressure rollers;
    Soap stirrer;
    Rotating pressure dies (optional);
    Temperature detection for central drawing die cooling (optional);
    5. frame and screen
    no ground works required.
    Fully encapsulated
    6. drive :
    Gear box and belt drive (low speed passes)

    Belt drive (high speed passes)


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