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Wire Drawing Machine Based On What To Determine The Direction Of Development?

Nov 01, 2017

China's wire drawing machine in the future according to the characteristics of different metal products, to the following direction.

(1) For large-scale low-relaxation prestressed steel wire, steel hinge line, large-scale high-strength and high toughness of the mine wire rope and large-size special-shaped wire production, tuning roller linear wire drawing machine will be widely used. Such as 700,750,900 type Wire Drawing Machine. Although this type of wire drawing machine investment, the level of operation and maintenance requirements are higher, but in order to greatly improve the quality of a variety of large-size wire and production, the model has other wire can not replace the advantages of this type of metal The production of products play an increasingly important role.

(2) for the largest proportion of the products in the ordinary, small size steel wire, especially in the 6 5 5 5 plate heavy wire as raw material for the production of wire, the Japanese type of combination wire drawing machine will be in a long resistance between , Occupy the leading position of the production of wire drawing machine.

Since the 1970s Japan successfully applied the AC variable frequency speed control system to the Wire Drawing Machine equipment, the application of the technology in the equipment has been developed rapidly. The manufacturers of products and equipment in Western Europe have also adopted this technology. KOCH has applied this technology and has been successful in tuning roller linear wire drawing machines. There are also examples of successful application of this technology in the live nesting machine.

For the original DC drag tuner roller straight wire drawing machine and live sets of wire drawing machine to exchange AC variable frequency speed control system can greatly simplify the wire drawing machine of the electronic control system, so that operation and maintenance easy to carry out.

This technology is also important for pulley-type wire drawing machines, which allows the pulley-type wire drawing machine to have a wider and stronger ability to adapt, while also minimizing the number of times the wire is twisted during drawing Some of the shortcomings of the pulley wire drawing machine to improve the quality of the wire.

At present, the domestic exchange frequency control system as the key components have not yet made, resulting in a higher price system. But this is only temporary, AC variable frequency speed control system is a powerful vitality is that it can greatly reduce the complexity of the electrical system and manufacturing costs. With the development of China's electrical industry and the localization of system components, it will be in China's wire drawing machine will be more and more widely used.