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Wire Drawing Machine Equipment Function Comparison

Nov 01, 2017

Pulley wire drawing machine | low cost, easy operation and maintenance

It is a kind of non-sliding dry continuous wire drawing machine; in the process of drawing, in the circumference of the drum and the drum surface along the circumference of the drum is not relative to the sliding, the two surface wear is relatively small, And when the middle of a reel temporary parking, the back of the reel can still rely on their storage capacity as usual for some time. The model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance and low manufacturing cost. At the same time, it has a certain coefficient of strands, and the length of the steel wire on the roll is longer, which is beneficial to the full cooling of the wire. But more than the wire guide wheel, not only increased the number of bending wire, and the roll of the product, put the wire in the drawing process along the axis of their own twist, seriously affecting the inherent quality of the wire and surface quality.

This feature of the pulley-type wire drawing machine determines that the model is only suitable for drawing, small size, low strength and strength requirements of low carbon steel wire and other wire.

Double drum type drawing machine | cooling effect is good

As the pulley-type wire drawing machine in the drawing process will produce a torsion of the wire, which in the pulley-type drawing machine on the basis of the development of a double drum-type wire drawing machine. The model has the advantages of pulley wire drawing machine, and eliminates the torsion of the wire during the drawing process, the cooling effect of the wire on the reel is better. Double-roll wire drawing machine and pulley-type wire drawing machine, the guide wheel more, especially between the upper and lower reel between the wire guide wheel, so that when the wire through it 180 degrees bending, it is not suitable for drawing large Specifications of the high strength of the wire; machine operation is not as convenient as the pulley, and the upper and lower reel between the friction ring and wire wheel and other parts of the inertia is very large, limiting the drawing speed. The model belongs to the pulley-type wire drawing machine to the higher level drawing machine development of the transition model, suitable for drawing, small size wire.

Sleeve wire drawing machine | Low energy consumption, extended drawing die life

In order to further improve the quality of steel wire and drawing speed, the development of the nesting wire drawing machine, it is also a non-sliding wire drawing machine; it simplifies the wire between the rollers of the line, in the drawing process will not wire Resulting in axial torsion, and because of the use of DC motor drag, to achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation, expanding the extension between the use of the scope of the selection, drawing machine in the most reasonable working conditions. And live sets in the drawing process for each reel have produced a pull or anti-pull force. In a set of tension and a set of anti-pull pull pull, can reduce the pull force to extend the die life and reduce the kinetic energy consumption, live sets of wire drawing machine is a continuous speed control of the continuous drawing machine, In theory, the machine can automatically adjust the completion of any of the process with the compression ratio of the wire and the force energy parameters of the machine, as long as the total process compression ratio is greater than or equal to the total compression ratio of the machine. Pull the process. So the nesting wire drawing machine is a more advanced drawing machine, suitable for drawing small and medium size high strength steel wire and alloy wire.

The shortcomings of the nesting wire drawing machine is due to the use of DC drag, electrical speed control system miscellaneous, the machine manufacturing cost is high, maintenance is more difficult, different specifications of the steel wire drawing need to adjust the tension when the tension; Operational level of technical requirements higher. In addition, the model of the more round guide wheel more, threading more complex, the number of bending wire, can not pull large-size steel wire and excellent material.