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Wire Drawing Machine Processing A Variety Of Lines Of The Way

Oct 23, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine is widely used in industrial applications, a mechanical equipment, in the actual operation process, different users for the line of the requirements are different, so the wire drawing machine should be targeted to deal with. The following is about this knowledge to explain, you can help us better grasp the wire drawing machine.

The first is on the treatment of snow patterns, which is generally for the side tube, because the process has a certain degree of difficulty, so most will choose automatic drawing machine. But also on the machine speed, swing frequency and so on to the color of the provisions, otherwise the line is easy to meet the requirements; In addition, the choice of grinding material is also very critical, directly affect the snow pattern of visual and feel effect on the current For example, with the drawing wheel or nylon belt more.

The other is the treatment of the hair pattern, this type of wire drawing machine can be completed, such as ordinary flat wire drawing machine, manual drawing machine, automatic drawing machine, plane drawing machine, etc., select the grinding material for small roller brush and clean Cloth two, under their role, can get a more ideal occurrence.