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What are the effects if the copper wire drawing machine switches to the PLC slip controller?

Oct 24, 2017

In the copper wire drawing machine, there is a very important part, which is the slip controller. The component is mainly composed of separate electronic elements. In the previous equipment, the slip controller often fails, and once there is something wrong, the repair is not only more troublesome, but also needs to spend more maintenance cost.

In order to solve this problem, we can consider changing the slip controller into PLC control. After comparison, it is found that after such improvement, it not only can effectively improve the performance of copper wire drawing machine, but also can improve its operating speed. At the same time, it is more helpful for debugging and maintenance. More importantly, after switching to this control mode, the failure rate is significantly reduced.


In fact, for the copper wire drawing machine, the key point of the slip control is whether it can accurately measure its stretch wire speed, the pulse signal of the coiling axis speed and transmit it to the PLC controller. After the operation of the high speed counter, the high speed counter and the comparison reset instruction, the operation state of the motor can be adjusted according to the output control signal of PLC.

In other words, in the actual work, with the help of the PLC control system, the stability of the coiling axis speed can be achieved by regulating the forward or reverse rotation of the motor. In this way, the slip control of the copper wire drawing machine can be controlled at 5 %, which can effectively reduce the probability of failure, and also improve the quality of wire drawing.

In conclusion, after changing the slip controller of copper wire drawing machine into PLC control system, it has great advantage for users. Because it can effectively improve the production quality and raise the overall operation level.

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