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What does the carrying capacity of the inverted wire drawing machine depend on?

Oct 23, 2017

At present, the actual carrying capacity of the common inverted wire drawing machine mainly depends on its specification and model. In other words, different types of inverted wire drawing machine have different actual carrying capacity. Usually, if you want to process a reinforcing bar with larger diameter, then the selected equipment should have the corresponding carrying capacity. 

It should be noted that when using the inverted wire drawing machine for drawing operation, for different specifications and types of reinforcing bar, due to the different sizing reduction, the carrying capacity of equipment will also exist some differences. This is because of the difference in size, in the drawing, the carrying capacity of the body frame will change. 

However, it must meet such a requirement that the carrying capacity of the inverted wire drawing machine should exceed the tensile force required by the reinforcement diameter. Only meet this requirement, in the drawing process, it can ensure the actual effect, and also prevent the rack of the wire drawing machine deformation or inclination. Similarly, when selecting the chain for the wire drawing machine, it must be selected in combination with the actual needs. 


Then this means that the tension that the selected chain can withstand should be based on the pull of the reinforcement diameter. In other words, with the lifting force of the drawing force, the chain of the selected inverted wire drawing machine should be consistent with its operating requirements to meet the required tension. Otherwise it may not achieve the desired effect. 

In short, in order to ensure the normal operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, the selected equipment must have sufficient bearing capacity, and it also needs to ensure that the selected chain should meet the production requirements.

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