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Operating steps and methods of the copper wire drawing machine

Oct 17, 2017

In the operation of the copper wire drawing machine, the staff needs to operate according to the specific method, so that the performance of the equipment can be guaranteed, at the same time get the desired output. First of all, we need to connect the main control cabinet to the main machine of copper wire drawing machine, control and the total power of the line.

Note that if the annealing treatment is required in the actual production, the annealing control cabinet should be opened on the annealing cooling water pump, annealing collector ring cooling fan and boiler power supply according to the requirements. And the control cabinet door should be closed. After that, the drawing liquid circulating pump, the drawing liquid circulating cooling water pump and circulating cooling water pump should be opened for the copper drawing machine. In the annealing treatment, it is also necessary to open the boiler and the annealing cooling fan.

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As a staff, the specific production requirements should also be clearly understood in advance, and then adjust the suitable gear for the copper wire drawing machine in advance. Then open the fixed speed wheel cooling ball valve, and press the threading according to the process requirements. In this process, you should ensure that the eye model is in the right direction. If the continuous annealing treatment is required, point the wire out of sufficient length, then put the wire break switch on the line and operate according to the requirements.

In addition, the on-site staff should select the appropriate take-up method, take-up process plate and hard wire or flexible line for the copper wire drawing machine in combination with the actual production requirements. And set the closing length of the double line in the case of the meter counter is reset.

In the operating process of the copper wire drawing machine, the staff also needs to consider the lubrication. The specific operation steps are: Open the wire drawing liquid ball valve, so that the lubricating fluid sprays to the cone pulley and the wire mold. Then ensure that the seal of the protective cover is good.

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