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Inspecting items,requirements and inspection methods of the inverted wire drawing machine

Oct 12, 2017

In the actual production process, we need to strictly control the production quality of the inverted wire drawing machine. First, the surface of the wire drawing products produced by the inverted vertical wire drawing machine should be smooth and tidy, and has no abnormal problems such as triangular mouth, flying skin, oxidation or oil pollution shall occur.

Secondly, it is necessary to check the diameter of the wire drawing product to ensure that it meets the technical requirements. Third, the tensile strength of the wire also needs to be tested, and it also needs to pay attention to testing the elongation at break of the wire. Usually, when we detect the production quality of the inverted vertical wire drawing machine, we use the sampling inspection method to detect. In general, the frequency of " sampling inspection" requires that each class must not be less than three samples.

Third, in the process of controlling the production quality of the inverted wire drawing machine, we should also ensure that the filament diameter tolerance is within the scope of the process. In addition, the finished product single line needs to control its f value at the same time, that is according to this formula f = 3dmax - dmin ≤ tolerance absolute value. Dmax represents the maximum diameter measured on the same section, and Dmin represents the minimum diameter.


In summary, the surface of the wire produced by the inverted vertical wire drawing machine needs to be smooth, and no bad problems should be found. In the process of storing wire, the protective measures should be done in advance, so as to avoid oxidation discoloration or mechanical damage. And in the process of carrying, it also need to avoid collision and damage as much as possible.

The above is mainly for the introduction of product quality control requirements in the production process of the inverted vertical wire drawing machine. We hope that everyone can meet these requirements in the actual production to ensure that the product quality meets the technical requirements

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