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What problems should be avoided when operating the inverted wire drawing machine?

Oct 25, 2017

As a user, if can reasonably operate the inverted wire drawing machine, then not only can avoid a lot of trouble and problems, but also can ensure the quality of the product. However, in practical work, there are often some problems. For example, during the drawing period, the compression ratio of the equipment is not good, which will result in the drawing tool easy to appear scar or rupture.

The reason is mainly due to the release of the internal stress of the material. Of course, the stress inside the object is inevitable. However, in the use of inverted wire drawing machine for wire drawing process, the internal stress produced in the mold has a certain improvement in the structure of the mold. However, if the compression ratio of the drawing surface exceeds a certain range, the surface temperature will increase because of the inability to lubricate properly.

At the same time, it will aggravate the transfer problem of the mould surface material, and then lead to the stress increase, so the wear problem will become very serious eventually. In another case, the position of the material and the die hole does not match during the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine. This situation will cause the stress of the material and drawing mould is not stable, sometimes large and sometimes small, will eventually aggravate the influence of equipment vibration.

In addition, there is also a very important factor is that before the drawing work, the cleaning work on the material has not been done. For example, if the material surface is not smooth enough, then it will make the mold wear be serious. For example, when the wire rod goes through the inverted wire drawing mold hole, the dirt will not only affect the mold, but also may cause the wire rod surface scratch.

In addition to these situations described above, a problem needs to be considered, that is, lubrication protection. For example, in the process of the inverted wire drawing machine, if the lubrication is not sufficient, then it will lead the temperature rise, resulting in mold damage.

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