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The importance of lubrication to copper wire drawing machine equipment

Sep 13, 2017

We all know that in the process of copper wire drawing machine equipment, often need to be fully lubricated. The reason why need to be lubricated, mainly in order to achieve the three purposes. First of all, these lubricants can play a good lubrication, which can be between the deformation of the metal and mold space, to maintain a layer of lubricating film. In this way, you can prevent copper wire drawing machine and wire directly contact.

In simple terms, the lubricant can significantly reduce the friction coefficient, so that you can also reduce the kinetic energy consumption of copper wire drawing machine equipment to ensure the quality of the product, but also can extend the life of the mold. Secondly, these lubricants also have a certain cooling effect. For example, it can reduce the temperature of the wire and die hole, which can avoid the temperature is too high, resulting in oxidation of the wire color change, but also to improve wire speed.

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Finally, these lubricants also have a certain cleaning effect. This is because the copper wire drawing machine equipment in the course of the operation, will continue to produce some fine metal dust. And the lubricating fluid can continuously flush the mold hole, which can eliminate the metal dust caused by some negative effects.

So, if the lubricant used is different, it will have a different effect on the drawing effect of our copper wire drawing machine? The first thing to consider is the concentration of the lubricant. In general, if the lubricant concentration is high, then its lubrication capacity is relatively strong, the friction will be reduced, so that the resulting tensile force will be weakened. However, if the concentration is too high, but will affect the lubrication effect.

In addition, when we use the lubricant, we must also have reasonable control of its temperature and cleanliness. Otherwise, not only will lead to cooling effect is not ideal, and even may be on the copper wire drawing machine equipment stretching effect have a great negative impact.

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