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The Mold Type and the Structure Size of Inverted Drawing Machine

Sep 15, 2017

The vertical drawing machine equipment molds mainly have four types, namely, carbide mold, diamond mold, polycrystalline mold and steel mold. The main advantages of the cemented carbide mold are good wear resistance, good polishing and strong corrosion resistance, and its adhesion and friction coefficient are relatively small. As for the diamond mold, because the price is expensive, and relatively fragile, it is usually used for drawing thin lines.

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In contrast, the polycrystalline mold of the inverted wire drawing machine has the advantage of hardness and abrasion resistance, and is generally used in small drawing equipment. The last kind of steel mold has the price advantage, while its production and maintenance are also very simple, but its hardness and wear resistance are relatively poor, and the service life is relatively short, generally used for small production, big section profile line.

Normally, the die hole of the drawing die mainly consists of four parts: the first part belongs to the inlet lubrication area, which has the arc, mainly for the wire to easily enter the work area ; the second part belongs to the work area, the process will make a certain degree of plastic deformation, wire cross section compression reduced.

The third part is mainly called the sizing area, this part of the main role is to ensure that the wire size and shape drawn by the vertical drawing machine equipment are accurate and uniform, but also can extend the life of the mold. The last part is called the exit area, that is, the port.

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