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The basic requirements and lubrication methods for lubricating agent of copper wire drawing machine

Sep 19, 2017

The copper wire drawing machine equipment usually need regular lubrication care. So what are the requirements for the lubricant of the copper wire drawing machine ?

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First, the lubricant used for copper wire drawing machine equipment should have good adhesion, so that the lubricant can be effectively adhered to the surface of the drawn wire. Second, the selected Lubricants should also be able to withstand the high pressure between the wire and the mold to ensure good stability. Third, no corrosive, and no irritating odor.

Finally, for the copper wire drawing machine, the lubricant we choose should also have cooling effect, and after the drawing wire, it should be easy to remove. 

In the lubrication, we can also choose three different ways of lubrication.

The first is a single cavity dispersion lubrication, generally used for disposable wire drawing equipment, or the accumulation type multi-mode drawing equipment.

The second type of lubrication is called immersion lubrication. We choose some emulsion or liquid oil-like lubricants, and then place the lubricants into the dedicated slot, and next immerse the drums, lines, molds in the lubricant. This lubrication method is relatively simple, and can ensure the mold drum, wire continuously lubricated and cooled.

The last one is a circular lubrication. In the lubrication, you can lubricate one even multiple copper wire drawing machines. The main advantage is that the metal in the lubricating fluid can be fully precipitated, so it may ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating fluid.

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