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The requirements of the copper wire drawing machine and the reason of disconnection

Sep 20, 2017

Do you know what kind of mold should use when using the copper wire drawing machine? Presumably a lot of users are more concerned about this question. In fact, the quality of the mold will be directly related to the production quality of the copper wire drawing machine. So, we must choose the appropriate mold to ensure the quality of the drawing.

So, what kind of mold should we choose? For copper wire drawing machines, the area of the cross bore of the mold we selected should ensure that it is sufficiently smooth and does not allow defects such as cracks or pits. In addition, the center line of the mold cross bore should be perpendicular to the end face of the mold, and its working area and sizing area must be polished after grinding.

Only if these conditions are fulfilled can guarantee the production quality of the copper wire drawing machine. In addition, in the actual production process, you may encounter the problem of disconnection. Of course, it includes many reasons, such as the connector is not strong. Then at this point, we need to timely adjust the welder current, power and pressure, to ensure the quality of welding.

Or the quality of the drawn wire is not up accessories, which with more impurities. Then for such a situation, we must strengthen the inspection and management of raw materials. In addition, it may be for the copper wire drawing machine equipment used in the mold is unreasonable. For such a problem, the staff need to adjust the mold parameters in time to reduce the negative impact of the mold.

In addition to these factors above, it may be due to the choice of the mold's nib shape is unreasonable or not smooth enough, or poor lubrication and other factors. Therefore, we need to follow the request is to correct the mold to ensure that the mold hole finish, but also should do a good job lubrication to ensure thecopper wire drawing machine function properly.

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