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Reasons and countermeasures of incorrect sizes and shapes by inverted wire drawing machines

Sep 22, 2017

In the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, Whether you have encountered the shape of the product or the size of the phenomenon is incorrect or not? So, do you know why does the inverted wire drawing machine make such a situation? Admittedly, there are many factors that cause this situation. Then,let's analyze the reasons.

After analysis, we believe that in fact there are mainly five factors. The first one is there is wrong with the die hole in the mold we used. If you want to avoid such a problem, then in daily work, we need to regularly measure the size of the diameter. If you find it out of tolerance, you need to replace the mold. The second factor is the wire drawn too thin. At this point, we need to properly adjust the vertical drawing machine 's mold, and improve the quality of lubrication.

Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine.jpg

The third factor is that the selected mold is unreasonable, so we need to choose the appropriate mold according to the actual situation. The fourth is in the process of the inverted wire drawing machine, the drawn wire is scratched, then we need to check the quality of die hole timely, and do the lubrication well. The last point is due to the mold skew, so when doing the upper die, we should pay attention to straighten it and repair the die holder.

In fact, during the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, there may be problems such as scratches, bumps or scratches on the drawn wire. In view of this situation, it may be due to the phenomenon of jumper on the cone drum, so the drum should be promptly trimmed and ensure the installation is reasonable.

In addition, it may be due to inverted wire drawing machine in the working environment of the ground is not smooth enough. At this time we should be trim the ground and lay the steel. Or because of the overcrowding caused by scratches, at this time the staff need to follow the provisions of the next plate.

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