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The design of the drawing part of the handstand type wire drawing machine

Sep 27, 2017

This article will analyze the design requirements of the handstand type wire drawing machine for everyone, hoping to deepen your understanding.

First of all, we need to know the structure, shape, size, surface quality and material of the drawing die. This is because if these parameters change, then it will have a great impact on the quality and yield of the handstand type wire drawing machine.

More importantly, these parameters will have some influence on the performance and energy consumption of the handstand type wire drawing machine. In fact, in the actual operation process, the drawing die route will have a large friction, especially in the case of higher speed, its abrasion will be more obvious. In addition, we need to take into account the magnitude of the drawing force. Generally, the drawing force should not exceed the strength limit of the steel wire, in order not to wire breaking

high speed line wire drawing machine .jpg

Next, we also need to select the suitable drawing route. We should know, in fact, in the process of drawing operations, from wire to finished products, which may need to be drawn many times before they can be achieved. And the used for each drawing is not same. So we need to set the wire drawing die according to the drawing order.

In the actual work, we will generally refer to these routing lines as wire drawing die route, or drawing die route. When the appropriate drawing die route is selected, we also need to take into account the total compression ratio, partial compression rate, and drawing passes. Among them, we must first determine its total compression rate.

For the handstand type wire drawing machine, the total compressibility refers to the ratio the contractible absolute compression amount after drawing the steel wire and the cross-sectional area before drawing the steel wire from the semifinished product to the finished products. We usually use the percentage to compress the rate.

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