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Design Requirements for Driving System of Inverted Drawing Machine

Sep 12, 2017

Today, the domestic drawing industry in the manufacturing sector has occupied a very important position. Which we often apply to an inverted wire drawing machine. With the development of wire drawing equipment, for the reducer transmission accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher.

It should be noted that, for the inverted wire drawing machine, the reducer for its performance has played a very important role. At the same time, the wire drawing machine some other important parts, such as motors and rollers have also been a certain development. Therefore, this part of the user for friends, in the selection of a certain degree of difficulty. Correspondingly, with the progress and development of these components, making the drawing equipment has also been a better development.

So, what is the role of wire drawing equipment? Under normal circumstances, we are by means of inverted drawing machine equipment at room temperature, the use of tensile molds on the metal material pressure processing, resulting in the need for different specifications of the grid of metal wire. The device mainly consists of two parts, namely the drawing part and the winding part.

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In large terms, the level of development of the industry in fact for the entire field of metal products are very important. And because the technical level is relatively backward, the use of production equipment is also relatively old, so for the development of the industry will have a certain negative impact. For the inverted wire drawing machine, which includes two of the most important components, that is, motor and gear box.

Therefore, in order to further enhance the use of inverted wire drawing machine performance, we also need to control the transmission accuracy as much as possible. This is because the reducer and the motor are indispensable important equipment for the power transmission of the inverted wire drawing machine. Therefore, if you can guarantee its accuracy, it can also significantly improve the service life of drawing equipment.

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