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The characteristics of sliding continuous copper wire drawing machine

Sep 08, 2017

Do not know whether you have used sliding continuous copper wire drawing machine, this wire drawing machine in the course of the operation, the main feature is the characteristics of the drum drum wheel peripheral speed than the wire drawing speed, and as a basis Produce a certain degree of friction.

In general, the advantages and disadvantages of this sliding continuous copper wire drawing machine are relatively clear, such as its advantages are: the total elongation coefficient is high, the production effect is high, drawing speed, production, easy to automate And mechanized. And its shortcomings are also many, in the drawing process, due to overcome the friction generated by wire, so the need to consume a lot of power; but also the drums have more serious wear and tear, while the requirements for the mold is also more strict.

This type of wire drawing machine mainly includes two types, the first is called cylindrical drum copper wire drawing machine. The main feature of this type of wire drawing machine is that all the drums are kept in diameter and are arranged in a straight line, mainly by dragging the drum by a motor.

In contrast, the advantages of this cylindrical drum copper wire drawing machine is mainly reflected in the mold side. This is because the device to wear mold operation is more convenient, so after the shutdown can be measured in different pass wire diameter, so that the drawing can achieve better control effect.

Of course, this cylindrical drum copper wire drawing machine also has some shortcomings, such as in the application of its body longer, it will bring some inconvenience, and the number of molds generally not more than nine.

The other is the horizontal tower drums copper wire drawing machine, compared to the application of the device is more extensive, its main advantage lies in the drawing more times, the structure is more compact and reasonable design, so do not need to take more area.

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