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How to reduce the wear of the inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 05, 2017

For the inverted wire drawing machine, the performance of the drawing die used for its final product quality will have a very important impact. For the drawing die, its own processing quality will have a serious impact on its rapid wear. That is, if the quality of the drawing die used in the vertical drawing machine is not satisfactory, it may cause the mold to be worn early.

And this will inevitably affect the performance of inverted wire drawing machine normal play for the user, it is also very unfavorable, because it will directly affect the production efficiency. Therefore, we need to analyze the problem of early wear of the drawing die. The quality of drawing die processing can be reflected in many aspects. The following together to understand the specific content.

Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine for Nails Wire1.jpg

The first case is in the production of inverted drawing machine drawing die when the use of drawing dies and die sets of steel between the combination is not symmetrical, or in the embedded carbide alloy steel sets, because the combination is not tight And there is a certain gap, etc., these conditions may lead to die in the process of drawing operations U-shaped cracks.

The second case is due to the production of inverted drawing machine drawing die when the use of diamond blanks in the laser drilling process, because there is no timely sintering traces clean, or uneven force caused by the Drawing work, the mold appeared pits and other anomalies.

The last case is mainly due to the design of inverted drawing machine drawing die when the mold hole used by the design is unreasonable, such as the entrance lubrication area of the opening is insufficient, or the sizing is too long, which will cause Brushing process poor lubrication, which makes the mold wear problems increased, or even fragmentation.

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