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Inverted vertical drawing machine equipment operation precautions

Sep 01, 2017

As a user, we must be aware of the importance of the inspection work before and after the use of the inverted wire drawing machine. Before the opening of the equipment to conduct a careful inspection, mainly to reduce the risk of insecurity, prevention of unsafe accidents. But also for the vertical operation of the vertical drawing machine to do the appropriate preparation.

In fact, these two parts of the work although it looks more trivial, but for the regulation of vertical drawing machine operation requirements is very important. So, before the boot, the main should check what the content? First, before the boot should pay attention to see if the oil in the gearbox is sufficient, if necessary, should be added in time; second, also need to pay attention to see all the lines of the connection is good, if problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine for Nails Wire1.jpg

Before opening the vertical drawing machine, you need to check whether the barometric pressure is in the normal range, whether there are any abnormal problems such as deformation, loosening or serious wear. In addition, do not forget to check whether the electrical button before the normal, flexible, cooling water is circulating. Remember that appropriate measures should be taken to address specific issues.

When the operation of the inverted drawing machine is finished, the equipment should be shut down as required. After that, the staff should clean the surface of the equipment, keep the machine and the surrounding environment cleanliness. If you are temporarily leaving the job or encounter a sudden power outage, you should turn off all the power to prevent accidents.

In short, as a user, we must comply with these provisions, to ensure that the work of inverted wire drawing machine equipment to get the full play. Before starting work on a daily basis, you should also check the connection parts of the bolts are fastened, whether the grinding wheel wear, etc., but also should be regularly filling lubricants to ensure the quality of lubrication.

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