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Straight-through wire drawing machine for paying, pulling and winding

Sep 12, 2018

In the field of metal processing, wire drawing equipment is often used. At present, the wire drawing equipment commonly used in the market mainly includes a water tank type wire drawing machine, a straight wire drawing machine, a pulley type wire drawing machine, an inverted vertical wire drawing machine, etc., and the wire drawing machine is mainly used in the wire drawing machine. The processing of metal wire materials such as copper wire and stainless steel wire is an extremely important processing equipment in the cable manufacturing industry.


In order to further improve the performance of the straight-through wire drawing machine, a frequency conversion system is specially configured. In this way, the equipment is more stable in the steps of wire drawing speed regulation, tension winding, multi-stage synchronous control, and has obvious energy saving effect. At the same time, this also greatly improves the automation level and processing capacity of the wire drawing machine, effectively reduces the unit energy consumption and maintenance cost of the equipment, and has been widely recognized by the industry.


From the entire operation process of the straight-through wire drawing machine, there are three main links: paying, pulling and closing. Usually the operation of the pay-off is realized by the inverter driving the pay-off rack, but there are also some double-inverter-controlled drawing machines, and even directly drawn into the wire drawing machine through the wire tension drawing of the wire drawing to realize the free paying line; The most important part of the wire drawing machine.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/