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Improvement ideas for straight wire drawing machine

Sep 13, 2018

In the drawing operation, the straight-through wire drawing machine usually has a roll design inclination for the straight line and the cooling of the steel wire, which may cause a lot of inconvenience to the installation, manufacture and maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, we can adopt a combined wire drawing machine when designing the structure, and increase the drawing diameter of several sets of machines before the incoming line, and the inclination of the roll remains unchanged.


After such improvement, the tilt of the reel can be well corrected. When entering the size of the pulley unit wire diameter, it should be considered according to the maximum wire diameter of the conventional straight wire drawing machine. This combination is ideal for use in a 6.5 mm incoming line unit. As for the linkage relationship of each machine, the same second flow rate of the steel wire can be controlled, and the line of the pulley block machine can be adjusted. These requirements can be achieved.


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