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Operating frequency and speed regulation requirements of water tank drawing machine

Apr 01, 2019

In the process of operation of the water tank drawing machine, the most frequently used variable frequency control system is the double frequency conversion system, one of which is used as the main pull and the other is used for the take-up control. The small (fine) puller currently has single frequency conversion control. system.

The maximum operating frequency of the main pull and take-up frequency converter of the water tank drawing machine can be calculated by the highest take-up speed required by the process. The diameter of the main pull drive wheel is 280mm, the initial diameter of the take-up reel is 280mm, and the final diameter is 560mm. At the initial winding, the diameter of the reel is the smallest, and the rotation speed is the highest: 1200m/min, N0 =1363r/min, so that the highest output frequency of the take-up inverter is 45.4Hz. Therefore, the maximum frequency of the receiving frequency converter can be set to 50Hz to ensure that its maximum winding speed is 1200m/min.

The main pull-in frequency converter of the water tank drawing machine actually only makes a simple speed regulation, which is used as the winding speed reference. The receiving frequency converter performs the PID fine-tuning control operation frequency according to the signal fed back by the tension pendulum to ensure that the wire-receiving speed is constant, and in a certain sense also ensures the tension of the hoisting wire is constant.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com