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Installation process and surface heat treatment of inverted wire drawing machine

Mar 31, 2019

The inverted wire drawing machine is very stable in the process of installation. It can effectively avoid the vibration when it is operated. It can effectively adjust the drawing axis and die of the wire during the installation. The center line of the hole is symmetrical, so that the stress of the wire and the wire mold is even.

The inverted wire drawing machine should avoid frequent start-stopping during the process of pulling the wire. The operation is mainly because the friction caused by the tensile stress is much greater than the friction during the normal drawing when the drawing is started. It is bound to increase the wear of the mold. In addition, the wire used for drawing is subjected to pretreatment: surface pretreatment and heat treatment.

Inverted wire drawing machine, well-designed wire drawing die guarantees the use of life

1. The longitudinal section of each part of the hole type must be straight, and the straight working cone has the smallest pulling force.

2. The intersection of the parts of the mold must be obvious, so that each part can fully play its role, avoiding the reduction of the actual length of the sizing area.

3. Extend the height of the entrance and work areas so that the wire enters the middle section of the working hole of the die hole, and use the wedge angle formed by the inlet taper angle and the upper half of the working cone angle to establish a wedge effect to form a denser and firmer surface of the wire. The lubricating film reduces wear and is suitable for high speed drawing.

4. The sizing area must be straight and of reasonable length. The sizing area is too long, the friction of the wire is increased, and the wire is likely to cause shrinkage or broken wire after being pulled out of the die hole, and the sizing zone is too short, and it is difficult to obtain a wire with stable shape, accurate size and good surface quality.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com