Straight Line Drawing Machine

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The complex tension control of the straight line drawing machine is all completed by the inverter itself. The PLC only performs logic control and main speed control, which greatly reduces the development difficulty of the PLC program and system hardware.


System Features

1. The system structure is more concise, the correlation is low, the operation and maintenance are more convenient, at the same time, the control effect is better, and the equipment operation is more stable.

2. A lot of A/D and D/A modules have been reduced, and the performance requirements of PLC are low, which is an optimized low cost scheme.

3. The current vector control inverter is adopted, the low frequency torque is large, there is no speed dead zone, the low speed 1Hz rated torque is smooth output, and there is no material loss in the die and test machine.

4. The tension balance bar can be started up at the lower limit, middle position or upper limit position. The wire drawing speed is automatically tracked, and the tension balance bar is basically maintained at the midpoint position, and the swing amplitude is small.


The main function

a. The error is 0.1% accurate meter;

b. Fixed length automatically decelerates and stops;

c. disconnection detection and automatic parking;

d. Any reel positive and negative jog and left and right linkage;

e. display various fault information and processing information;

f. Various sports information monitoring;

g. Support any molding process, the mold is automatically compensated by the tuning after wear.


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