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Tension principle and mechanical seal of copper wire drawing machine

Apr 02, 2019

In the process of operation, the copper wire drawing machine is single-converted into an in-line tower structure. When the operation is performed, the box of the old single-frequency wire drawing machine is mostly semi-cast, and the bearing positioning is front and rear positioning. The seal is a skeleton oil seal. The tension principle is mainly to collect the main pulse and the take-up pulse signal, and the tension is controlled after being processed by the PLC, that is to say, the tension of the single-frequency drawing machine has a variable relative slip. By adjusting the value of a given DIP switch, the corresponding slip can be obtained. Because there is a slip, the single-frequency wire drawing machine has better adaptability to the general copper wire and the mold, that is, the workers in the industry. Said that the single frequency conversion is easy to open.

The bearing of the copper wire drawing machine is unilaterally positioned, and the mechanical seal is used in use. When the machine is used, the main machine and the wire are separately driven by the motor. In order to solve the linkage between the two motors, the tension control of the double frequency wire drawing machine It has also passed the era of tension plate - the era of computer tension display - the era of dedicated winding inverters, now the latter is used. Convenient and simple to apply. Through the position of the tension pendulum, the precision potentiometer is driven to divide the pressure, and the feedback signal is sent to the winding frequency conversion, and then the PID operation is performed to achieve the effect of controlling the tension.

The copper wire drawing machine has good double frequency conversion, high output, good wire surface and energy saving. The single-frequency wire drawing machine can not be used, it is too old-fashioned, and the bearing is easy to be broken. The oil seal is impossible to wear. If the oil leaks, the bearing must be completely damaged, and the maintenance cost is too high. Double-frequency wire drawing machine bearings can be replaced in 5-7 years, and mechanical seals do not need to worry about oil seal wear.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com