Straight Type Wire Drawing Machine

Straight Type Wire Drawing Machine
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The straigh type wire drawing machine package is provided with a spooler, a main drawing unit and a spooler. The reel assembly is driven by a variable frequency motor drive system, and the front end of the main reel unit is provided with tension. Adjustable drawing box. The tension-adjusting drawing die box comprises a base disposed on the machine table, a lubrication cavity disposed above the base, and a derrick frame and a wire drawing die respectively disposed at the front and rear ends of the lubrication cavity.


Drawing speed

It can be calculated by a formula, that is, πr2 × v1 = πr2 × v2, but there is a premise that the above formula can be established only when the second flow volume of the wire passing through the die is constant at each moment. Where r refers to the diameter of the incoming wire; v1 represents the linear velocity of the incoming wire; the latter is the diameter of the outgoing wire; v2 represents the linear velocity of the outgoing wire, which only needs to be calculated with the corresponding data.


Straight wire drawing machine equipment is now widely used in various metal products industries, such as: steel strand industry, wire rope industry machine and welding consumables industry. With the rapid development of the metal products industry in these years, there is a huge demand for straight wire drawing machines in various metal product sub-sectors. Straight wire drawing machines are used in the metalworking industry. This drawing process is a drawing device for a thin-diameter steel wire.


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