Straight Line Mild Steel Wire Drawing

Straight Line Mild Steel Wire Drawing
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In the production and processing of metal products, linear soft steel wire is the most commonly used manufacturing process. With the popularization of control technology and variable frequency speed control technology, frequency conversion control begins to be widely used in linear soft steel wire. The system can be used by PLC. It realizes the functions of drawing speed, variety setting, process closed-loop control, fixed length control and so on.



The straight soft steel wire is stretched by a plurality of stretching motors at the same time, and the work efficiency is high. Because the characteristics of stainless steel wire are relatively brittle, and the wire is not allowed to slip in the die track, it is easy to break during the stretching process. Therefore, it is strictly required that the wire speed is synchronized in each mode channel, so that the motor of each stage is Synchronous control performance, speed steady-state accuracy and the dynamic response of the motor have high requirements.



The stability of the straight soft steel wire depends to a large extent on the PID action speed, the speed accuracy of the inverter-controlled motor, and the response speed of the output torque. In order to improve the steady-state accuracy of the motor running speed, it is also used in many cases. PG vector control technology is used to adjust the speed of the drawing motor. Therefore, the setting of its parameters must be considered comprehensively. At low speed, medium speed, high speed, acceleration and deceleration, etc., it needs to be considered.

In addition, the winding part is realized by the CHV100 plus tension control dedicated module. The winding speed is provided by the last stage (fifth level) mode control inverter as the line speed signal for the winding diameter calculation. The tension of the system can be set by the potentiometer. The winding-level inverter adopts torque control. The encoder needs to be installed on the shaft of the winding motor. The encoder is connected to the built-in PG card of the CHV100 as the input input of the motor speed.


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