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Inverted wire drawing machine knowledge supplement

Oct 18, 2019

Among the many drawing devices, one of them is not negligible, it is the inverted wire drawing machine. In fact, the equipment is specifically designed for continuous heavy-duty, non-twisting operations. In the process of drawing, it can meet the dual function requirements of drawing and winding. The inverted wire drawing machine can pull high, medium and low carbon steel wire and profiled wire.

Of course, the use of inverted wire drawing machines can also pull non-ferrous metal wires of different specifications, especially coarse specifications, and is widely used in some standard parts industry and shelf manufacturing. In the drawing operation, the device can reach a diameter of 30 mm and a diameter of 600 to 1400 mm. As for its speed control mode, it is mainly AC frequency control. In terms of wire-receiving, the active type is adjustable, and the car automatically walks.

Here we will briefly introduce the transmission system of the inverted wire drawing machine. Its transmission system mainly includes powerful narrow V-belt and standard reducer transmission. The types of reducer are cycloidal pinwheel reducer, double enveloping worm gear pair, planetary reducer and hardened gear reducer. In fact, the equipment mainly uses inverted drawing and take-up, and its take-up reel is relatively large, and relatively heavy, which is convenient and reliable when unloading the wire.

Usually, the diameter of the reel is 560 to 750 mm, the number of reels used is 1-2, and the diameter of the incoming line is 6.5 to 12 mm. The speed that can be achieved during the operation is generally within 45 m/min. The device weighs approximately 4,000 kg.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/