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Main functions of straight-type wire drawing machine

Nov 21, 2019

Unlike ordinary wire drawing machines, straight wire drawing machines use AC frequency conversion control technology or DC programmable control system, screen display, high degree of automation, easy operation, and high quality of drawn products. It is suitable for drawing various metal wires with a diameter of less than 16mm.

The main functions of the straight wire drawing machine include error 0.1% accurate metering; fixed length automatic deceleration and parking; wire breakage detection and automatic parking; any reel forward and reverse jog and left and right linkage; various fault information and processing information display; Various sports information monitoring.

It also supports any mold matching process. After the mold is worn, it is automatically compensated by tuning, and it is not easy to break the wire. And there is a jumper device that can cut off the reel and pull it arbitrarily to adapt to different processes. According to user needs, remote control and remote diagnosis can be implemented based on industrial Ethernet.