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Features of inverted wire drawing machine

Dec 05, 2020

1. It is more commonly used in large coils and heavy and thick wire, which can be continuously processed and produced. Although the take-up reel is also relatively important, it is relatively time-saving;

2. Relatively speaking, the overall operation of the inverted wire drawing machine is relatively simple, and there is basically no noise during the operation. The most important thing is that the control system is very simple and reliable, which promotes the safety of production. Performance has been improved, so it is very convenient in daily maintenance;

3. In addition, the inverted wire drawing machine adopts a three-phase AC variable frequency motor, which controls the main speed of the entire system, and achieves stepless and smooth adjustment and control to the greatest extent.

The composition of the inverted wire drawing machine mainly includes: pre-alignment device, winding device, main body, reel device, electrical control system, drawing die seat device, main drive device, pneumatic system mixing Pressure roller device, etc.