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Basic application of wire drawing machine

Dec 03, 2020

The entire system of the wire drawing machine has strict requirements for speed control, and the system that requires control must have high accuracy and smooth line speed. As for the wire drawing machine for drawing gold wire, if you compare it with the ordinary wire drawing machine, the requirements will be higher, the whole system will be relatively more complicated, and the control equipment is also more. There are many, and the requirements for coordination between each motor are relatively high.

The entire system will be controlled by four sets of servo motors, and each set of servos has real-time exchange of data. The communication capability of the servo on the bus can meet the real-time exchange of data between each axis. Since the system requires relatively high data exchange between the motor shafts, in order to ensure that the wire arrangement can better calculate the trajectory according to the required algorithm, it is mainly possible to fully integrate the internal and related functions of the servo Carry out the use, and use the driver to perform automatic calculations, and it can also automatically drive the wire row of the motor, to the greatest extent omit the cumbersome steps in the control of the transmission wire drawing machine, and to the greatest extent the driver in the transmission The delay caused is eliminated, and the delay of the wire arrangement is minimized.