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Performance characteristics of water tank type wire drawing machine

Dec 01, 2020

The water tank type wire drawing machine can be regarded as a relatively unique product among many wire drawing equipment, because the equipment itself has some unique characteristics. When it is drawn, the wire will slide relative to the drum. Below, we will give you a brief answer to introduce the performance characteristics of the water tank type wire drawing machine, hoping to deepen your understanding.

Compared with other equipment, the main difference of this equipment is that during the drawing process, the steel wire, reel and wire drawing die involved need to be immersed in the cooling lubricant, or have been sprayed. The state of drenching, therefore, the equipment is called a water tank type wire drawing machine. Below, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the device to help everyone better understand the device.

In fact, the advantages of the water tank type wire drawing machine can be summarized in two aspects. The first point is that it adopts a very scientific design method in structural design. The structure is very compact and does not require a large work area. Moreover, the drawing density is very high. During the drawing process, the torsion problem is also avoided. The second point is that the entire drawing process is uniformly cooled and lubricated. Therefore, the steel wire The quality is well guaranteed.

As for the shortcomings of the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, it mainly includes two aspects. The first point is that due to the relative sliding between the steel wire and the reel during work, it will increase the power consumption of the equipment, which not only affects the efficiency of the equipment, but also increases the chance of wear; The point is that limited by its structure, only a part of the wire can be drawn.

Therefore, for users, this equipment not only has many advantages, but also has some shortcomings. However, when we work, we can reasonably choose the water tank type drawing machine equipment to meet the needs of the work. Requested.