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Features and structure of inverted wire drawing machine

Jul 25, 2020

Since the inverted wire drawing machine is mainly for the drawing of heavy and thick wires, the research announced a new type of wire drawing equipment, which is widely used in the production of metal products and other occupations, and can draw thick diameter copper wires. , Or the alloy wire is drawn.

Then the characteristics of the inverted wire drawing machine are:

1. It is more suitable for continuous production and processing of heavy and thick wire rods. The serious take-up reel can save the time of operation;

2. Since the overall operation of the inverted wire drawing machine is relatively simple, there is no noise at all, and the control system is relatively reliable and simple, and the safety of the entire production is very strong, so it is more convenient to protect;

3. The inverted wire drawing machine mainly uses a three-phase communication variable frequency motor to adjust the speed of the system, which effectively completes the stepless adjustment and smooth control.

The main components of the structure of the inverted wire drawing machine are: reel equipment, pre-alignment equipment, main body, drawing die base equipment, main drive system, winding equipment, pressure roller equipment, electrical equipment The control system and the pneumatic system are combined.