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Wide application of inverted wire drawing machine

Jul 08, 2020

From the perspective of modern industry, many products require filamentary processing, or other processing techniques such as sealing. Due to the need to use such products, many manufacturers are also developing corresponding mechanical equipment such as wire drawing machines. , The wire drawing machine is classified as a processing and manufacturing machine. It is widely used in the entire industry. It can be classified according to the processed materials. Its types can be divided into wood wire drawing machines, metal wire drawing machines and plastic wire drawing machines. Therefore, the types of products of the wire drawing machine are still very diverse. In the meantime, the inverted wire drawing machine belongs to the planning of the shelf and the production equipment of standard parts. The components of the inverted wire drawing machine can be mainly divided into: wire drawing system, transmission The inverted wire drawing machine has two different functions of wire taking up and wire drawing.

In fact, there are still many processing equipment on the market that are similar to the inverted wire drawing machine. For example, the cold drawing machine belongs to the equipment that specializes in processing and cold drawing steel pipes. This kind of cold drawing equipment is mainly for drawing metal bars. It can also perform other processing procedures such as hot processing and kneading, and can also directly perform secondary processing and drawing of materials. If the two mechanical equipment are compared, both the inverted drawing machine and the cold drawing machine are Attributable to the equipment that can directly process and draw materials, of course, it is also an indispensable drawing machine in the entire industrial profession.