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Application of inverted wire drawing machine equipment

Aug 05, 2020

A very important part of the inverted wire drawing machine before the equipment is to check the operation and the after-treatment operations after the use. Careful inspection before opening the equipment is mainly to reduce unsafe hazards and prevent unsafe incidents. At the same time, corresponding preparations are made for the normal operation of the inverted wire drawing machine. In fact, although the operations of these two parts may seem trivial, they are very important for the operating requirements of the standard inverted wire drawing machine. So, what should you check first before starting up? , Before starting the machine, pay attention to check whether the oil volume in the gearbox is satisfied, and make up for it in time if there is a demand; second, pay attention to check whether the connection of all lines is outstanding, and if there is a problem, it should be dealt with in time. Before opening the inverted wire drawing machine, it is also necessary to check whether the air pressure value is within the normal range, and whether there are abnormal problems such as deformation, looseness or severe wear of each transmission component. In addition, do not forget to check whether the electrical buttons are normal and sensitive, and whether the cooling water is circulating before starting the machine. Keep in mind that appropriate methods should be adopted to deal with specific issues. When the work of the inverted wire drawing machine is completed, the equipment should be closed as required. After that, the operator should clean up the appearance of the equipment and adhere to the cleanliness of the machine and the surrounding environment. If you are temporarily away from the work post or encounter a sudden power failure, all power sources should be closed to prevent unexpected situations. In short, as users, we must abide by these rules to ensure that the operating functions of the inverted wire drawing machine are fully utilized. Before starting work every day, you should also check whether the bolts of each connecting part are well tightened, whether the drawing wheel is worn, etc., and should also be regularly filled with smooth oil for smooth quality.