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Advantages of water tank drawing machine

Aug 10, 2020

Water tank wire drawing machine (also known as sliding type multiple wire drawing machine) has the characteristics of reverse tension drawing, its structure is simple, compact, small area, convenient operation, high drawing speed, good cooling conditions, long mold life, environmental protection and no dust , The surface of the finished steel wire is clean without twisting. However, when the steel wire is drawn, there is always relative sliding between the steel wire and the tower wheel, resulting in adhesive wear and abrasive wear, which leads to frequent tower wheel wear and scrap (rework), abrasion of the steel wire surface and lubricating layer, and whitening in severe cases. The cracking phenomenon makes production impossible. In order to overcome the frictional force generated by the sliding of the steel wire on the tower wheel, a lot of power is consumed, often reaching 30%-40% of the total power of the wire drawing machine, which severely restricts the use of the water tank wire drawing machine in the wire product industry.