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Carrying capacity of inverted wire drawing machine

Aug 16, 2018

In practical applications, the inverted wire drawing machine has different models, and its actual carrying capacity is also different. Therefore, when processing different diameters of cylinders, it is necessary to properly select an inverted wire drawing machine with appropriate carrying capacity. At the same time, when pulling the steel bar, the force exerted by the equipment is different depending on the amount of reduction of the steel bar.


Because the model design of the inverted wire drawing machine is different, there is a certain difference in the actual load capacity during the drawing process. However, the general basic principle is to be greater than the tensile force required to reduce the diameter of the steel, so as to ensure that the steel frame is not deformed or tilted while the steel is reduced. For example, when processing large diameter discs, you should choose a larger model.


In addition, when selecting a chain for an inverted wire drawing machine, it needs to be determined according to actual requirements. Generally, the pulling force of the chain should be greater than the pulling force required to reduce the diameter of the steel. For example, some small models of inverted wire drawing machines can use ordinary chain links, and some models with larger wire drawing equipment should use two sets of chain links to meet the pulling force required for processing.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/