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Inadequate use of copper wire drawing machine causes rapid wear of the mold

Aug 17, 2018

If the copper wire drawing machine equipment is in use, if there are any bad factors, it may cause the mold to wear quickly. For example, the compression ratio of the drawing process surface is too large, causing cracks or breakage of the mold. In fact, the copper wire drawing machine mold has cracks or broken cracks, most of which are caused by the release of internal stress.


Of course, in the internal structure of the material, there will naturally be its own internal stress, and the internal stress generated by the copper wire drawing machine when drawing the wire can enhance the microcrystalline structure of the mold, but when the compression ratio of the wire surface is too large, it cannot be timely. Lubrication and excessive temperature rise will cause some material on the surface of the mold to be removed, and the stress on the microcrystalline structure will be greatly increased, making it more prone to cracks or breakage.


In addition, if the surface of the drawn wire is rough or adhered with some impurities, it will also cause serious wear problems in the early stage of the copper wire drawing machine. This is because when the wire passes through the die hole, the hard, brittle oxide layer and other adhering impurities can cause the wire die hole to wear quickly and scratch the surface of the wire like the abrasive.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/