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The role of copper wire drawing electrical control machine

Aug 10, 2018

Copper wire drawing machine is a kind of equipment widely used in cable manufacturing industry. With the development of national economy, cable demand and production volume show a rapid growth trend. As the main processing equipment for wire and cable, the main function of the copper wire drawing machine is to process copper wire with a relatively large diameter into fine wires of various specifications.


In actual production, the drawing process has strict requirements on the performance of the copper wire drawing machine, which not only requires the equipment to be smoothly and reliably started, but also realizes stepless speed change. Due to the limitation of the technical level, the motors of the wire drawing machine used DC traction in the past, but the DC drag has a high failure rate and is difficult to maintain, and cannot meet the production requirements of high quality wire and cable.


With the advancement of science and the development of technology, the electronic control machine of the copper wire drawing machine is controlled by the vector inverter of AC. The stability of the vector frequency converter is good, the frequency resolution is high, and it can be automatically started in the process of starting and stopping. Acceleration and deceleration control, very suitable for dragging copper wire drawing machine. Therefore, in recent years, vector frequency converters have been widely used in the series of wire drawing machines, and the quality of processed copper wires has also been significantly improved.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/